Enice was established in May 2000 as an important telecommunications infrastructure service provider in China, providing services to the large China mobile carriers to assist them in establishing the infrastructure behind their mobile networks.

Enice's vision and strategic positioning resulted in a diversified integrated telecommunications technology company with proven capabilities in the areas of:  

• Telecommunications technology development;

• Telecommunications product manufacturing;  

• Telecommunications product supply; and

• Telecommunications optimization service provision

Enice provides products and services as well as solutions to the world's fastest growing mobile market place, China, and is poised to expand into international export markets.

Enice is strategically positioned to expand its geographical reach and grow the business through:

• The launch of world leading technologies

• Expansion of manufacturing and R&D capabilities

• Organic growth of current business activities.  

Growth Prospects

Enice is well positioned to expand into international export markets such as North America and Australiasia following the growth of its China business, via the following strategic initiatives:

• Identify export market opportunities;

• Establish a well-known global brand;

• Create strong market awareness of the Enice product and service offering; and

• Implement export business development plan.

Key objectives  

The key objectives of Enice are:  

• to be the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced  

Wireless communication software, products and service domestically and internationally; and  

• to deliver engineered technology solutions and services across wireless communication networks domestically and internationally.

Our Competitive Advantages  

Enice enjoy a number of competitive advantages in the Chinese and International telecommunications market includeing:  

• Advanced technology and solutions for next-generation mobile network management and maintenance;  

• Ability to win CPP bids for established and new business;  

• Diversified vertically integrated product and services solutions supported by its own manufacturing facilities;  

• A track record of owning and operating high qulaity manufacturing operations in China;  

• The lowest 3rd order PIM of DAS antennas, which are recognised as PIM RATED by PCTEL;  

• Established and experienced Customer Service teams that understand the key selling points of Enice’s product and services;  

• Ownership of the patented technologies for Antenna™ and other innovative antennas;  

• Inhouse Research and Development division;  

•Strong relationship with the newly formed Chinese National Tower Company, a company formed  to manage the deployment and maintenance of mobile towers for all of China’s telecommunication operators;  

• Experienced Board and senior management recognized as industry-specialists with strong relationships across the Chinese Telecommunications Industry; and  

• Executives with proven experience in the development of businesses in emerging markets, from inception to listing.  

Growth Drivers  

Enice has identified a number of important drivers which the Company expects will help grow the business into the future, including:

• Regional expansion via organic growth;  

• Network management and maintenance services growth as a result of Enice's world-class technology;  

• External antenna products for 3G and 4G;  

• Indoor coverage products and services;  

• International sales expansion;  

Strategic relationship with Chinese National Tower Company;  

• Innovation of 4G and 5G products; and  

• Network optimization services and network management and maintenance services.