Board of Directors

The Company currently has a Board of three Executive Directors, including the Executive Chairman, the founder of the Group, and three independent Non-Executive Directors. 

The Board recognises that as the Company develops its related activities, there may be a need for further directors to be appointed either in substitution for any of the present directors or generally as additional directors. Consequently, it is the Directors’ intention that the skill base of the Board should be constantly reviewed to ensure they are adequate and appropriate to carry out and manage the activities of the Company as well as to ensure that the Company's Board has the competency, knowledge and ability to exercise independent judgment to review and/or challenge the performance of management and to discharge its duties imposed by law. 

The Board has been appointed to ensure the Company has the benefit of a Board comprised of members with appropriate and complementary skill sets. Board members are chosen based on their skills and experience in the wireless telecommunications industry, corporate governance, financial management, risk management or strategic planning.

The Board has considered the Company's immediate requirements as it transits to an ASX-listed Company and is satisfied that the composition of the Board reflects an appropriate range of independence, experience and skill.

Directors Experience 

Mr Yongjun Shen, Executive Chairman and Founder

In 1997 Mr Shen established Nanjing Yongjun Communication Electronic, which was the general agency for Motorola Pagers in East China. In 1999 he established Nanjing Junjie Communication Technology which partnered with China Mobile to form the Cooperation Business Hall in Jiangsu. In 2000 he established Enice China, specialising in research and development, production and sales of mobile communication equipment, and network services. Mr Shen was a founding shareholder of Nanjing Xinwang Tech (“Nanjing Xinwang”) which listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003. Nanjing Xinwang focuses on mobile communication networks, and system network engineering business support software. In 2012 Mr Shen co-founded SUPEQ, specialising in R&D of mobile platform/ communication software and hardware; development of computer network system; manufacture of communication equipment, electronic computers and accessories, instrumentation, electronic products; and sales of in-house products.

Dr Wei Yu, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Yu holds an Ph.D in electronic engineering in 2000 from Xidian University and undertook postdoctoral research at the University of Waterloo from 2001 to 2003. In 1994 he joined the Xi’an Institute of Space Radio Technology as an electronic engineer and he was appointed as deputy director of the National Key Lab of Space Microwave Technology in 2000. In 2004 Dr. Yu founded Antennovation (Shenzhen) Electronics, which engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of mobile phone antennas. In 2008 he became the CTO and co-founder of Shenzhen Sunway Communications. In 2010 Sunway was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Sunway is the certified supplier for Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, as well as Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, BBK and OPPO. In 2012 Dr. Yu co-founded Zhuhai DBJ and SUPEQ, and served as the Chief Operating Officer, engaged in the development and sales of mobile communication terminals and associated applications.In 2014 Dr. Yu was appointed as CEO of Enice, after SUPEQ’s antenna technology and management team joined Enice. Dr. Yu is the inventor of more than 50 patents ( and patent pending). Dr. Yu will continue to provide consulting services to SUPEQ and Zhuhai DBJ, and also serves as a Non-Executive Director of Shenzhen Sunway Communications.

Dr Yihong Qi, Chief Technology Officer

Dr Qi holds a PhD in electromagnetic (“EMC”), from Xidian University. He completed post PhD research at McMaster University from 1993 to 1995. Dr. Qi is the Chairman of Emerging Wireless Technology of IEEE EMC Society. He is an adjunct professor of Missouri Unversity of Science and Technology, and adjunct professor of Hunan University. In 1995 Dr. Qi was employed as a Team lead/Manager/Director at Research in Motion(Blackberry), joining the company as a key technology contributor when there were less than 30 employees, andhelped the business grow to 18,000 employees. In 2012 Dr. Qi co-founded Zhuhai DBJ and SUPERQ. As CEO of DBJ, he engaged in the development and sales of mobile communication antennas, mobile communication terminals and associated applications. In 2014 he became CTO of Enice, after SUPEQ’s antenna technology and management team joined Enice. Dr Qi currently has 131 US invention patents, as well as 56 new pending patents, and is considered an expert in antenna technologies, electromagnetic compatibility technologies, radio noise theory and radio measurement technologies. The highlights of his inventions include:

• Antenna on the bottom of wireless devices, which is in most smartphones today;

• First hearing aid compatible device and related technologies;

• Designed theory and technologies of high sensitivity radio, which can reach to the limit of a chipset; and

• Radio measurement theory and technologies, and incorporated into 3G and 4G MIMO measurement standards.

Dr Qi will continue to provide consulting services to Zhuhai DBJ and SUPEQ.

Mr Ross Benson, Non-Executive Director

With over 27 years in the Australian financial services industry, Mr Benson has extensive experience in securities, transaction advisory and business strategy. He has acted as lead negotiator for a number of medium to large enterprise divestment or acquisitions in Australia and China. Following the formation of Investorlink Group in 1986, Mr Benson established associated business units in wealth management, private equity, property syndication and structured financial products. Mr Benson is the Executive Chairman of Investorlink Group Limited and Non-Executive Chairman of ASX Listed 99 Wuxian Limited.

Mr Simon Green,Non-Executive Director

Mr Green is currently Chief Operating Officer of Interactive, the largest privately held IT company in Australia. He was most recently Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific at NetApp. He was responsible for leading the business through setting strategy, increasing sales revenue, driving channel strategy, managing strategic partnerships, and developing the company’s emerging products business. Mr Green is a Non-Executive Director of 99 Wuxian Limited.

Mr Alexander Kelton, Non-Executive Director

A global business leader with over 30 years’ experience in the information communications technology and telecommunications industries, Mr Kelton is currently the Managing Director Asia Pacific for DocuSign Inc., an American company that provides digital transaction management services. Mr Kelton also serves as Non-Executive Chairman of ASX listed Mobile Embrace Limited. Prior to joining DocuSign, Mr Kelton held senior positions with T-Mobile USA (Executive Vice President Business Markets), Bharti Airtel (President of Airtel business in India and South East Asia), Telstra Corporation (Managing Director Telstra International), and Asia Global Crossing (Executive Vice President for enterprise customers in Asia Pacific). Prior to holding those positions, Mr Kelton founded Saturn Global Network, one of the world’s first private global financial market extranets. In 1998 Mr Kelton negotiated the merger of Saturn with IXNET, and then served with IXNET, assisting in the IPO of IXNET on the NASDAQ in 1999.

Mr. Jun Fan,Non-Executive Director

Professor Fan holds a Ph.D in electromagnetic compatibility from Missouri University of Science and Technology and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Tsinghua University, one of the nine members of the elite C9 League of universities in China.
As one of the pre-eminent experts in the electromagnetic field, Professor Fan has held numerous senior roles in the industry including the role of consultant engineer at NCR Corporation, San Diego, from 2000 to 2007. He has received numerous awards for his contribution to the sector over the years, and his academic achievements include being awarded the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding service in 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2011, as well as multiple Symposium Best Paper Awards at many industry events in recent years. He has held various significant roles throughout his career, including Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility; Founding Chair of SC-4 EMC for Emerging Wireless Technologies; and Senior Investigator at the Material Research Center, Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Senior management 

Executive committee 

The role of the executive committee is to support and advise the Board, implement Board strategy, and exercise the executive powers of the companies within the Group. 

Currently, the members of the executive committee are: 

Senior Management 

Mr. Bo Cheng, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Bo Cheng holds a Master Degree in Accounting from Nanjing University and Certified Public Accountant qualifications in China. He is also a Senior Accountant with extensive experience in the finance sector. Mr Bo Cheng is an Independent Non-Executive Director of China Yutian Holdings Ltd. 
A summary of Mr Bo Cheng’s career follows; 
May 2011 to December 2015: CFO for Nanjing Zhongzhe Technology Ltd., which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Susino Umbrella Co., Ltd. (SZ: 002174 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and now known as Youzu Network Co., Ltd.). 
April 2008 to May 2011: Vice-General Manager of Jiangsu East Century Network Information Co., Ltd. 
April 2004 to March 2008: Financial Manager in Nanjing Xinwang Video Co., Ltd. (SH: 600403 in Shanghai Stock Exchange and now known as Dayou Resources Co., Ltd.) 
August 2001 to March 2003: Associate Vice-General Manager in Nanjing Zhongda Film Making Group Co., Ltd. (SH: 600074 in Shanghai Stock Exchange and now known as Jiangsu Baoqianli Video Technology Group Co., Ltd.).

Mr Shitao Qin,VP in charge of Integration an network management and maintenance

Mr. Qin graduated from the Department of Radio Engineering, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 1997, majoring in wireless communication.

From 1997 to 2005, Mr. Qin worked in Zhongnan Company of China National Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Corporation as the department manager, principally in charge of business operations and daily management.

From 2005-2014 Mr. Qin worked with China Comservice Nanjian Corporation as the general manager of the Wuhan office.

In 2014 Mr. Qin joined Enice China as Vice President in charge of service integration and network management and maintenance service.

Mr Yu Zhu, VP in charge of marketing

Dr. Zhu holds a PhD in Analysis and Management of Economic Systems from Dalian University of Technology. From 2002 to 2008,Dr Zhu worked in the headquarters of China Mobile, leading a team of national enterprise services, ICT and IOT solutions. From 2008 to 2015, Dr Zhu was assigned to work with a subsidiary of China Mobile, Aspire. He has held several leadership positions as a senior director, deputy general manager and general manager of Business Units. Also he was one of the members of Aspire’s key strategic decision making committee.In 2015, Dr Zhu joined Enice China as Vice President of marketing and strategic business, with one of the key assignments being the EpinpointRTTMsystem deployment.

Mr Changjian Yang, VP and board secretary in charge  of supply chain

In 1994 Mr Yang graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, majoring in Computer and Applications, and Applied Mathematics.

Between 1994 and 2000 Mr Yang was employed as Section Manager in charge of switching software development in Fujitsu Jiangsu Company.

From 2000 to 2008 he was employed as a senior engineering manager in Motorola's Global Software Group China Centre, before joining Honeywell as director of advanced manufacturing engineering. In 2010 he founded Nanjing Nanyidina Company as Chief Operating Officer, before joining Enice China in 2012 as Vice President, in charge of manufacturing, procurement, quality and logistics.

Mr Baojiang Ruan, General Manager of product and network optimisation

Mr Ruan graduated from the Information Engineering & Science Department of South East University in 2007, joining Shanghai Beidian Group, working as a network optimisation project manager.

In 2008 Mr Ruan joined Ericsson (China) as a network optimisation project manager for Wuhan Unicom, before being employed in 2009 by the Jiangsu Branch of Shanghai Beidian Group, as Vice President in charge of DAS integration, network optimisation, network management and maintenance, and network integration.

In 2012 Mr Ruan joined Enice China, as General Manager of product and network optimisation.