The growing network complexity (2G,3G,4G) costs operators more resources in the management and maintenance of numerous site equipment and facilities. This inevitably increases costs related to field operation, which accounts for up to 70% of the total OPEX. Thus, how to reduce OPEX, manage the complicated network efficiently and improve professional capability are big challenges to operators.


1. network-centric to service-centric and user-centric
2. dispersed regional management to centralized network management


Our solution – a cutting edge technology

We collect the data of each antenna in the mobile network in a real time, remote, cost effective way, a future-oriented green solution.
High Efficiency: It allows the mobile operator to monitor the network in a Real-time manner
Instant Response:Locate the failure point with minimum delay
Precise: Monitor each antenna 
Cost Effective: Reduce labor cost dramatically, from labor intensive to technology intensive
Low Maintenance: Green energy technology, no battery
Scalable: Easy to expand
No service radius limit