2017/03/21       Scheme Document                      192PAGE

2017/03/20       Privatisation Update                     2PAGE

2017/10/05       Privatisation Proposal Received    20PAGE

2017/10/04       Trading Halt    2PAGE

2017/09/12       China Mobile Group tender awarded to Enice    2PAGE

2017/09/07       Enice response to ASX query on fund repatriation from China    2PAGE

2017/09/05       China Mobile Group tender awarded to Enice    2PAGE

2017/08/30       Enice Half Yearly Result    3PAGE

2017/08/30       Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Statements    27PAGE

2017/08/22       Final Director's interest Notice - Drew Kelton    2PAGE

2017/08/22       Resignation of Director    2PAGE

2017/06/09       Results of 2017 Annual General Meeting    2PAGE

2017/05/18       Proxy Form

2017/05/18       CDI Voting Instruction Form

2017/05/18       Notice of Annual General Meeting

2017/05/01       Appendix 4G

2017/05/01       Annual Report 2016

2017/04/12       Change in substantial holding.pdf    2PAGE

2017/02/28       Enice reported recorded revenue for FY 2016.pdf    3PAGE

2017/02/28       Preliminary Final Report.pdf    48PAGE

2017/01/24       Change in substantial holding.pdf    2PAGE

2016/12/19       Notice of initial substantial holder.pdf    2PAGE

2016/10/17       Enice Release of CDIs from Voluntary Escrow.pdf    2PAGE

2016/08/31       Enice Half Yearly Result.pdf    3PAGE

2016/08/31       Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Statements.pdf    29PAGE

2016/06/10       Enice entry into US market and first contract with PCTEL.pdf    2PAGE

2016/06/08       Trading Halt.pdf    2PAGE

2016/04/29       Appendix 4G.pdf   11PAGE

2016/04/29       Annual Report 2015.pdf  82PAGE

2016/04/29       Results of Annual General Meeting.pdf  3PAGE

2016/04/29       AGM CEO Presentation.pdf  10PAGE

2016/04/04       Proxy Form.pdf  2PAGE

2016/04/04       CDI Voting Instruction Form.pdf  2PAGE

2016/04/04       Notice of Annual General Meeting.pdf  8PAGE

2016/03/31       Initial Director's Interest Notice - Jun Fan.pdf  2PAGE

2016/03/31       Appointment of Non-Executive Director.pdf  2PAGE

2016/03/30       Amendment of employee incentive plan.pdf  23PAGE

2016/03/30        Annual Financial Statements for period ended 31 Dec 2015.pdf  48PAGE