Introduction to Base Station Management and Maintenance

Give priority to customer and user's perception, guarantee the smooth network signals of base stations, and improve the customer's brand competitiveness.

1. Daily inspection and maintenance
10. Power Supply Guarantee of Base Station
2. On-site Construction Guidance
11. Customer Information Management & Maintenance
3. Project Acceptance
12. Emergency Communications Guarantee
4M&M Acceptance 13. User Complaint Handling
5. Troubleshooting
14. Basic Material Maintenance
6. Major Equipment Maintenance of Base Station
15. Daily Patrol on Assets
7. Daily Spare Parts Maintenance of Base Station
16. CQT
8. Maintenance of Base Station
17. Others
9. Miscellaneous Maintenance of Base Station

Introduction to Transmission Line Management & Maintenance

Remove hidden dangers for optical fibers and cables, make a safe and solid "lifeline" , and laser-focus on protection more than on first-aid repair, to ensure smooth transmission lines.

1. Optical Fiber Maintenance: Backbone Convergence Layer Fiber & Access Layer 
2. Optical Cable Patrol, Esp. on Severe Weather
3. Aerial Optical Cable Router Maintenance
4. Duct Type Optical Cable Router Maintenance
5. Direct Burial Optical Cables Router Maintenance
6. Optical Cable Protection & Propaganda for Protecting Optical Cables and Fibers 
7. Optical Fiber Attenuation & Fiber Core Test
8. Grounding Cable Resistance Test for Protection Grounding Device
9. Termination Box Maintenance
10. Fiber-Optic Cabinet
11. Minor Change & Cutover for Cables
12. Troubleshooting & Recovery for Cables
13. Assist in Cable/Fiber Project Acceptance and Collaborative Maintenance Acceptance
14. Cable Resources Management & Input
15. Management & Maintenance of Spare Parts/Materials and Recycling Materials
16. Others

Introduction to Repeater DAS Management & Maintenance

Use intelligent IT management system to ensure the proper running of the equipment and optimized performance. Improve user satisfaction by seamless signal coverage.

1. Equipment Label Maintenance (Equipment Label and Fixed Assets Barcode
2. Project Blueprint Maintenance
3. Active Equipment Maintenance (Host & Trunk Amplification 
4. Power Supply System Maintenance
5. Antenna Feeder System Maintenance
6. Running Environment Inspection
7. Coverage Effect Test
8. On-site Construction Guidance
9. Project Acceptance and Collaborative Maintenance Acceptance
10. Troubleshooting
11. Complaint Handling
12. Emergency Supply
13. Data Maintenance
14. Network Adjustment & Improvement
18. Customer Information Management & Maintenance
15. Others

Introduction to WLAN Management & Maintenance

Use intelligent IT management system to provide guarantee for internet surfing.

1. WLAN Equipment Label Maintenance (Equipment Label and Fixed Assets Barcode
2. WLAN Active Equipment Maintenance
3. Power Supply System Maintenance
4. Antenna Feeder System Maintenance
5. Coverage Effect Test
6. Troubleshooting & First-Aid Repair
7. WLAN Network Optimization & Coordination
8. Assist in On-site Construction Guidance Acceptance and Collaborative Maintenance Acceptance
9. User Complaint Handling
10.Emergency Supply & Disaster Relief
11.Data Guarantee
12. Network Adjustment & Improvement
13. Site Resources Check
14. Customer Information Management & Maintenance
15. CQT
16. Others

Introduction to MM Services for Group Customers

Have lots of maintenance experiences and cutting-edge technologies in terms of intelligence, video supervision, and IT system integration. Can provide integrated services and solutions for customers.

1. Equipment Room Maintenance for Group Customers
2. Assist in Project Acceptance and Collaborative Maintenance Acceptance
3. Troubleshooting & Complaint Handling
4. Basic Data Maintenance for Group Customers
5. On-site Patrol
6. Assist Group Customers in Network Adjustment, Cutover, Relocation & Removal
7. Emergency Communications Guarantee
8. Assist in Special Resources Investigation & Sorting
9. Others

Introduction to MM Services for Family Customers

Bearing the belief of customer first, to improve the customers’ satisfaction by providing timely, precise and effective services to family customers. 

1. Family Broadband Network Maintenance (including wireless 2.4G network)
3. Complaint Handling
4. Assist in Family Broadband Payment
5. Property Information Management & Maintenance
6. Assist in QoS Supervision on Family Broadband  
7. Assist in Analyzing & Solving Network Issues
8. Assist in Marketing & Propaganda for Family Broadband Services
9.Assist in Project Acceptance and Collaborative Maintenance Acceptance
10. Basic Customer Data Maintenance & Data Compilation 
11. Miscellaneous Repairs
12. Other

Miscellaneous Service Optimization

Make proper use of resources and establish advanced network by optimization. 

1. Base Station: Network optimization, minor base station optimization, standardized equipment room improvement, and power supply facilities improvement for base station. 
2. Transmission Line: line change and cutover, duct improvement, dual-router improvement, and fiber core resources improvement
3. DAS: DAS system improvement. Solve issues related to DAS system by DAS recovery, equipment relocation, antenna stretch, and distribution optimization. 
4. WLAN: remove idle network, improve busy network, and optimize the base station network by streamlining. 
5. Miscellaneous Services (include 
group customer services): improve optical fibers under main roads, relocate and optimize optical cables due to external factors, make urgent repairs in case of unknown large-scale optical cable interruption, remove idle network and improve busy network, and optimize the network.