Introduction to CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) System

       The CCTV system is applicable to transmit signals in its closed loop by means of the optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave, and form an independent and complete system from videography, image display to recording. It can realize the real-time, vivid and true display of the monitored target, which not only significantly extends the observation scope of human eyes, but develops the function of human eyes. In addition, it can monitor for a long time in place of human eyes even in the severe environment, so as to enable people to see everything that happens in the monitored site, and record it into the VCR. Meanwhile, the alarm system works in case of intrusion; the generated alarm signal is input to the alarm mainframe, which can trigger the CCTV system to video and record.

Customer Premises Network

       CPN construction project means that the communication carriers invest to establish the FTTB + LAN or FTTH network construction in the residential area, so as to provide the wired broadband network resources for residential clients. Currently, GPON technology + FTTH or FTTB is mainly used for access.

      The CPN construction part consists of the optical cables entered to the residential area, as well as the lines and equipment construction in the residential area, which includes feeder cables, distribution cables, indoor lines (indoor optical cables or cables), multimedia boxes, ONU equipment, optical splitters, branch boxes, electrical door boxes and junction boxes.